Does ExamRoom.AI install software on my device?

ExamRoom.AI does not install any software on the device used. The system is web browser based.

What is the identification process?

Before the exam begins, there is an online check-in process with the proctor. Your identity will be confirmed through a valid ID (scanned) and the use of a biometric key (e.g. fingerprint, retina, facial, knuckle, voice, etc.), and the credentials provided during exam registration.

What materials allowed for use during the exam?

Materials used for the exam are predetermined by your institute. They will vary based on the type of exam being administered. A list of accepted materials will be given during the initial registration of the exam

Are breaks permitted?

Unless stated by your institution, they are not allowed. Those guidelines will be provided during the initial registration of the exam.

What will I need for the exam? You will need a pc/laptop and a smart device (e.g. tablet, smartphone) with a stable internet connection. Devices will also need to be equipped with working cameras and microphone.
Who will be proctoring my exam? Our team of proctors are certified and experienced in detecting cheating and questionable behavior. They are also trained in troubleshooting technical issues.
What if I need technical support during my exam? If there is a technical issue before or during the exam, you will have access to our 24/7 support team via phone, email, or chat.
What are the required operating systems? ExamRoom.AI is a web application and operates on all browsers. When using ExamLock, the required browsers are Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Which mobile devices are supported? ExamRoom.AI and its products works with all Android and IOS devices.
When will I receive my results?

Results and recordings are available upon completion of the exam. Audited videos will be available in 24 hours.